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Gnet G-ON

Smart 2 channel full HD smart dashcam for the safe driving

G-ON dashcam

G-Syncloud for
fleet management system

“G-Syncloud” for fleet management system by our own technology. Unlimited storage capacity beyond the limitation of dash camera storage.
G-Syncloud forfleet management system

Live Streaming

You can monitor driver behavior and check road conditions in real time. 24 hours, 7days in our dash camera is available upon request
G-ON kamera do auta LIVE

Live GPS tracking

Always know where your vehicles are, monitor traffic and track the drivers’ route no calling around to drivers.
G-ON kamera do auta REPORT

Driving Analysis Report

It enables you to view your driver details in one sheet. It can improve the vehicle safety and driver safety by knowing how your drivers are driving.
G-ON kamera do auta GEO


A Geo-Fence creates a virtual barrier around the vehicle and triggers an alarm, alerting the server, if anyone tries to access the vehicle without authorization.
Video codec

H.265 compression rate

H.265 compression rate is up to 2 times higher than H.264. It means that users can use 256GB SD card as 512GB SD card.


There is a lack of storage space.



60 frames for smoother and natural video play

60FPS shows smoother images by showing 6 still images per 0.1 second than 30FPS which used to display 3 still images per 0.1 second



Results in smooth, fluid video playback
High dynamic range

Real HDR technology

Differentiated recording of light bleeding at night. Real HDR function is included to provide clear recording quality in various lighting conditions such as light bleeding, tunneling and backlighting when driving at night.

General dashcam

Real HDR dashcam

※ There may be differences depending on the usage environment.

3 functions for safe driving

Advanced Safe Driving Assistance System (ADAS) Update.
ADAS is a safe driving assistance system for the driver's safe driving environment.
3 functions for safe driving.
Forward Departure Notification (FVSA)
ForwardCollision Detection Notification (FCWS)
Lane Departure Detection (LDWS)


Forward Departure Notification
A function that informs the driver that the front vehicle has departed as shown in the picture when Front car leave.
If the distance from the front car is more than 2 meters during the stop, the front car start icon is displayed on the LCD screen with a notification sound.


Collision Detection Notification
A function that notifies you when there is a risk of collision with the car ahead
When the distance from the front car is short and the vehicle speed is fast, When the distance from the front car suddenly decreases in a short time, the Collision Alarm icon will be displayed with a warning sound.


Lane Departure Detection
A function that notifies you when you
are out of lane.
As shown in the picture, if the lane is detected while driving, the green dot is displayed. When you are being out of lane, the red dot is displayed as shown in the above picture and a notification sounds. Please be noted that Lane Departure Detection alerts only work at or above the set speed.
Lane detection points, forward departures, and collision warning icons are only visible if the current status of the LCD is live. ADAS settings can be set only after GPS connection.

Automatically apply TIME LAPSE function

Automatically apply TIME LAPSE function when entering parking mode to enable long-term parking recording.
TIME LAPSE MODE records 2 frames per second, minimizing the image size for long time parking recording.

Wide viewing angle lens

Optimum viewing angle without distortion.
Optimum viewing angle without left / right distortion Supports an optimal angle of view of 160 degrees in front and 150 degrees in rear
Wide viewing angle lens
Excessive angles of view can refract the image, causing side effects such as distortion and loss of distance. G-ON records the situation of the side accident more clearly with the 160-degree angle of view, the best angle of view without this problem, and provides images without left and right distortion.

APP interworking function via Wi-Fi

Play recorded video via APP,
Image storage and product configuration,
Up to the latest firmware upgrade!
It is possible to play recorded video, save video, product configuration and remote control in real time through GNET system smart app. (Available with Wi-Fi Dongle)
※ IOT/WI-FI feature not available when using CLOUD
※ Wi-Fi dongle is an optional (sold separately) product.

User-friendly GUI

Easy to use GUI with easy to understand.
User convenience has been further upgraded using intuitive icons for anyone to operate conveniently.
G-ON kamera do auta app

Firmware upgrade on basis of user’s convenience

After accessing the firmware configuration by APP, the latest firmware can be automatically searched for and downloaded.
G-ON kamera do auta app

All the features you need at once! Easy and convenient GNET APP

You can easily set up device registration, real-time video setup, recorded video list, and customer support through the mail screen.
G-ON kamera do auta app

Customized configuration by APP

Using the Smartphone APP, you can upgrade the firmware and play video as well as configure various settings.

LBP Function

Intelligent function for vehicle battery discharge protection.
It is an intelligent SAFE GUARD function that automatically shuts down recording when the voltage falls below a specified voltage and cuts off the power to protect the battery of the vehicle.
( LBP ON / OFF )
Settings can be made directly from the dedicated GNET PC VIEWER, and the vehicle voltage can be checked when checking the recorded video of the vehicle. You can easily set up wirelessly via GNET APP at the time of smartphone interlocking.
Why to buy

Gnet G-ON in nutshell

Extensive Testing by GNET
JDR File system
G-NET Smartphone Application ( Android / ios )
Gnet G-ON

Technical parameters

Image Sensor
Full HD CMOS Sensor
Front : 160 degrees / Rear : 150degrees
Front / Rear Full HD1080P(1920x1080) / 60FPS
Video Compression
H.265 (JDR file system)
Audio input
Built-in Microphone
External GPS (Optional)
External Wi-Fi (Optional)
Other features
- Super Night Vision
- JDR file system :Memory Format Free
- G-syncloud service
- ADAS- Advanced  Driver Assistance Systems
- Automatic Low VoltageCut-off Power Off-12.0(24.0)V
- OBD2 Support
max 1TB
Supported OS
Windows XP/7/8/10, Support 32Bit /64Bit, Synchronizing Google map with PCviewer is supported over Windows7 and explorer 10 as per Google' s policy.
Application SW
Android & iOS
Operating Temperature
-20° to 85°C; Humidity 10~95%
Built-in supercapacitor
DC 12V – 24V
Front : 97 x 45 x 33mm / Rear : 59 x 28x 37 mm
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